Dr. Kenneth Iverson - 100 Years: The Future of Iverson Notation

This celebration of the centenary of Ken Iverson's birth was held on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 with hundreds of participant online.

There was discussion about the future of Iverson notation which underlies and inspires the computational notations APL, J, k, and q, as well as other programming languages.

Array Languages aka Iverson Notation

This seminal paper, the 1979 Turing Award lecture by Dr. Kenneth Iverson, explains the importance of a well-thought-out programming language for extending our mental capabilities and leveraging the power of symbols to enhance how we develop, explain, and think about algorithms.

This essay, Language as an intellectual tool: From hieroglyphics to APL, presents a brief history of notation from ancient hieroglyphics to APL and argues for the importance of notation as an intellectual tool.

In this essay Keith Smillie briefly introduces programming languages, distinguishing between conventional and array programming languages.

This recent paper, APL Since 1978 by Roger Hui and Morten Kromberg, outlines the factors which have shaped the evolution of the language over the past 40+ years; the complete paper may also be found here.

An outline of the essential grammar of APL, explained at a high level, is covered in this short but comprehensive essay A Dictionary of APL by Ken Iverson.