H. J. Edens
June 16, 1996


The J-LIB programs presented here are designed to provide filing of and access to a group of related verbs. The supporting programs to build and maintain such a library are designed to analyze the relationship between stored verbs. The purpose of the programs are to determine for each verb the names of its subverbs and local and global nouns. These relationships form the basis for several programs which provide useful information to the user. The main programs are highlighted in this summary:


Enclosed programs are part of an ongoing process to develop a filing system for J-scripts. The programs as developed so far, are a PROTO-TYPE, needing still further polishing, but the system is usable, and the reader is invited to try them out. The programs presently do not use Windows features. I am waiting till I have J-release 3 for that. This I plan to buy this fall. I have found the speed of the programs limiting its usefulness. However the computer I use is a 386, so a Pentium will do wonders they say. Also the interpreter has been speeded up by a factor of 3 to 5. Running some of the larger programs on a 486/33MHZ showed a speed increase by a factor of 1.7 compared to the 386.


Copy JLIB.ZIP to an empty diskette, or download to some directory other than your favourite working J directory. Change directory to the A:\ (or the appropriate directory) and execute the command PKUNZIP -d a:\jlib If you don't have PKUNZIP, you will have to find it somewhere. The JLIB.ZIP file plus the unzipped files will fit onto a 1.4 Megabyte diskette.
Have a look at the subdirectory tree of A:\ and determine if any of the subdirectory names conflict with your setup. Also check the J2 files especially the profile.js(n) names. After testdriving you can remove the new files and rename the conflicting directory-names back to the original names. If you want still to use the new stuff ,but retain your original directories put it in a new subdirectory for example, c:\j2\jl\ and change the path-records from c:\js\ to c:\js\jl\ in file:c;\j2\init\start.scr . In that case all new files are to be copied to c:\j2\jl

Test run the programs and expect some bugs as about 10% of the path references are now incomplete due to c:\j2 rather then c:\j2\jl. The cause is the few cases where I did not use verb "topath" but assigned PTH directly.

An alternate to installing the programs is to first browse through the manuals and program scripts.

The file "manual.doc" is produced using MS WORD and the file "manual.asc" is an ASCII text file derived from this by WORD.

Download (PC)

Click here to download the files suitable for use with J version 2 on a PC. The user manual is included in this single download package.

The Author:

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