If you have no previous experience with OS2, and are frustrated reading the IBM supplied manuals, then workspaces TEACH** may help you get acquainted with the powerful Operating System. APL2OS2 as installed does not provide for easy access to workspaces on a diskette. Therefore, in order to be able to load TEACH41 into your workspace, you should take the following steps:

1. Select the OS/2 window from the launch pad
2. Enter the following line at the command prompt:
   cd c:\apl2os2\bin
   (if your APL2OS2 resides on another directory --say D--
    enter d:\apl2os2\bin instead)
3. Enter the next line:
   copy a:TEACH41.ATF .

This will transfer the workspaces on the diskette to your private APL2 library. Then on loading APL2OS2 you can do a )LIB and do in a CLEAR workspace )IN TEACH41. (Once you learn the contents of TEACH41, you should have no problems loading other libraries.)

Z V Jizba