AplFile - APL Component File Object

AplFile is a file object based on Eric Lescasse Qwi-utility to extend the support for object oriented programming techniques in APL. AplFile is a so called UDC (User Defined Class). UDC's are objects built on existing objects which are either a part of APL+Win or third party ActiveX controls. The Qwi utility is a part of Eric Lescasse APL+Win Training Program. For more information on this, visit www.lescasse.com or www.apl2000.com on the Internet.

A UDC should not be dependent on other functions and global variables in WS. AplFile is not perfect in that sense, because it uses a few supporting functions. I've tried to keep this to a minimum and only functions which I consider "well known" and used more or less as primitives are used.

AplFile makes it possible to use OOP techniques on files. Since almost all objects in APL+Win (at present time) are visible objects and there are no "data" objects, AplFile has to be based on a visible object. I've selected the "Frame" class as a container for the file object. This frame has its visible property set to 0, so the object will not show up on a form. AplFile has most of the []F system functions and variables implemented as methods and properties, but also has useful new features and extensions to the []F functions.

Please send suggestions and comments regarding AplFile to

Gert Glantz
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