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If you are not yet a member of a national or international APL standards working group, it may be possible to get you appointed to one, and in that capacity, you would be entitled to a copy of committee draft below.

Draft International Standard

The document referenced here is an official ISO document, DIS 13751.

It is available as a PostScript file in three forms, two compressed (for faster transmission on the "information super highway") and one as un-compressed text, the way PostScript files come.
(245157 bytes). The file has been compresed with gzip (GNU ZIP). I suspect that most Unix users would prefer this format.
(244732 bytes). This is the form compressed as a ZIP file. I suspect that most DOS users would prefer this format.
(934987 bytes). The un-compressed PostScript file.
If you can not print a PostScript file, please let me know, and I will try to help. I can also supply other forms of compression, (.sit or .cpt or .Z) if that helps you. Please post any errors you find to the APL mailing list:

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