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Copyright (c) 1987,1988 by Software Research Associates, Inc.

FEP is a general purpose front end for any line-oriented command on
UNIX. This command was developed on Berkeley UNIX, but will probably
run on most UNIX system which have pseudo tty and the select system

Making FEP

	Just type 'make'.
	If your system is running ASCII UNIX or some compatible system,
	the -DKANJI flag makes fep handle kanji character input.

Using FEP

	See man page fep.1 for detail.
	The help command (ESC-?) and show-bindings command (^X-^B) are
	very convenient when running fep.


	Distribution without fee is permitted as long as all
	copyright notices are included.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Have fun.

			Kazumasa Utashiro
			Software Research Associates, Inc.
			1-1-1 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102, Japan
				UUCP:	kddlab!srava.sra.junet!utashiro
				JUNET:	utashiro@sra.junet