The Sant'Angelo Castle

Castel Sant'Angelo The Mausoleum of Hadrian, or Castel Sant'Angelo, surpassed in dimension and magnificence every other tomb. The Mausoleum had square foundations, above which rose a big tower adorned with doric columns, statues and spaces for epitaphs of the dead. It was, after the Colosseum, the most spendid example of roman architecture. The history of the Mausoluem follows the history of Rome. Under Honorius (403) it was strongly fortified and incorporated in the city walls in order to form a real bastion in defense of the banks of the Tiber. It was probably transformed into a castle in the 10th century. In 1277 it was occupied by Nicholas III, who connected it to the Vatican by the famous corridor, a safety passage which runs along the top of the encircling wall of the Vatican. Its top is dominated by an Archangel in bronze by Wersschaffelt.

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