WorkShop List

Code Author Title Date Time Room
W01 J. Scholes, Dyadic System APL as a web server 27-30/7 90
W02 J. Scholes, Dyadic System OLE revisited 29-31/7 90
W03 P. Benkard Making nested arrays work for you 30/7 180
W04 M. Sniedovich A very gentle introduction to JavaScript for APLers 28/7 90
W05 G. Christensen, Insight System ODBC I: an introduction to SQL with APL 27/7 90
W06 G. Christensen, Insight System ODBC II: new facilities and advanced use 29/7 90
W07 D. Liebtag Writing GUI applications in APL2 for Windows 28/7 90

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