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Computer Science

Code Author Title Date Time Room
P01 R. Bernecky EGREGION: a branch coverage tool for APL 30/7 45
P02 R. Brown Writing optimization software in APL, J and MATLAB: a comparison 27/7 45
P03 S. M. Mansour, P. S. Mansour Using APL expressions in database operations 27/7 45
P04 M. Micocci, A. Tommassetti, A. Manna The comparison of C++ and Mathematica in the generation of pseudo random numbers for financial and actuarial applications 27/7 30
P05 S. B. Scholz On defining application-specifing high-level array operations by means of shape-invariant programming facilities 29/7 45
P06 R. Bernecky Reducing computational complexity with array predicates 27/7 45
P07 H. Rama Turtlegraphics - hidden features in APL2 27/7 30
P08 D. Siegel All Searches Are Divided into Three Parts: String Searches Using Ternary Trees 30/7 90
P09 E. Alfonseca Writing a compiler's compiler in APL 31/7 45
P10 P. Benkard The epistemology of APL 31/7 45
P11 N. Holmes Simplifying array processing languages 30/7 45
P12 K. Saigusa Japanese language handling in APL environments 30/7 45

Code Author Title Date Time Room
P13 E. Alfonseca, M. Alfonseca, J. de Lara Compiling a simulation language in APL 28/7 45
P14 M. Barghoorn CROSSTAB, OLAP and APL - N-dimensional data analysis with sparse cubes 31/7 30
P15 R. Busi BABAPL, a Software Prototype of a Programmable Pocket APL Calculator 31/7 30
P16 I. Kàdàr, E. Papp Object oriented spatial positioning systems 28/7 45
P17 F. Pedullà, G. Salerno AxE: a transportation network analysis package 30/7 45
P18 U. Piasentin, D. Lanari, E. Migliorini APL and demographic models 30/7 45
P19 J. G. Rudd, R. A. Marsh, M. L. Munger Large-scale space object tracking using APL2 30/7 45
P20 A. Skomorokhov, M. Slepov Pattern recognition in APL with application to reactor diagnostic 30/7 45

Code Author Title Date Time Room
P21 M. Alfonseca Using APL to build science tutors for the high schools level 28/7 45
P22 A. Buzin Teaching classical calculation methods: APL challenge 28/7 45
P23 S. J. Halasz Automated tutorial for fledging APLers 30/7 45
P24 W. Spunde A web-interfaced array-based mathematics course 30/7 45
P25 A. Surkan APL design of graphic displays for motivation in distance education 30/7 30

Code Author Title Date Time Room
P26 M. Bertocchi, J. Dupacova, V. Moriggia High parallel computing simulation on dynamic bond portfolio management 31/7 30
P27 S. M. Mansour A simulated annealing algorithm for optimizing portfolios 29/7 45
P28 M. Micocci The use of Markow discontinuous processes in the pricing of derivative securities 29/7 45
P29 A. Juvonen, U. Niemi Corporate analysis by APL 31/7 45
P30 G. Rotundo Neural networks for partitionable variational inequalities 31/7 45

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