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Protection of individuals and other parties as regards the use of personal data

The Organizing Committee of the APL98 Conference, in accordance with the law n 675 of December 31th, 1997, on the "Protection of individuals and other parties as regards the use of personal data", informs participants of the following: participants' own personal data and that which they will provide us with while filling in the Conference attendance form will be used with respect in accordance with the current provisions on data privacy. This applies only to the participants' data collection and logging, in order to organize the running of the Conference and to promote further cultural and scientific initiatives in the near future.

Other people attending the Conference may be informed of the collected data, subject to agreement of the parties concerned, in order to favour communication and the exchange of experiences within the Conference itself; the same data may also be transmitted, subject to agreement however, to Bodies and Companies even outside the Eu, which are interested in promoting cultural and scientific initiatives or to inform those interested in their products. The communication of some of the requested personal data is obligatory. The Organizing Committee will not accepted Conference attendance forms without the requested compulsory data. With regard to the use of the above-mentioned data, participants may assert the rights provided for by law, that allows them to consult the logged data, to correct or to delete the data themselves.

The ITAPL Association is the body responsible for all that is described in this information note: its registered office is in Via Assergi 6, I-67100 L'Aquila.

Note on hotel prices

In Italy there are several price combinations for different classes of rooms in the hotel. The most usual classes are: single room (one person only), double room (two persons and possibly a third bed) and double used as single (one person in a double room). Usually prices for a double used as single are intermediate between single (lowest) and double (highest).

APL98 Selected Hotels

APL98 has reserved some hotels at particular rates. If you want to reserve on these hotels, please compile the following reservation form.
There are three options to submit the form:
  1. Complete and mail the plain ASCII reservation form to the APL98 mailing address:
  2. Complete the plain ASCII reservation form and fax it to:
  3. Use the Online Reservation Form (people already registered online only).
To correctly compile the on-line reservation form please pay attention to the following steps: N.B.
APL98 acts only as intermediary among the delegates and the hotels. No money should be sent to APL98. Credit card informations are only a mean to guarantee reservation. The hotel will be payed directly by the delegate at the end of the stay.
A confirmation message will be sent to the delegate address (via e-mail, fax or ordinary mail)

Other Hotels

If you prefer to reserve the hotel personally, a list of web sites is provided where you can find all the informations related to hotels in Rome.
Please note that prices reported on some of these sites could be highly unreliable due to poor site maintenance.
The proprietary hotel pages are usually much more reliable, but check by direct inquiry for confirmed rates.

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